State Society: Maryland
Year Joined: 2004
Previous SR Offices: General Assistant Secretary, 2012 – 2015; SRMD Secretary 2009 – 2012; Vice-President 2013 – 2015; President 2015 – 2017; SRMD Board of Managers 2008 – 2015; Representative to General Society for Maryland 2013 – 2015.
Occupation: Chairman and President of Spectra Sciences, LLC; Spectra Materials Corp.; IP Technologies, LLC; BJBR International, Inc.; Construction Productivity, Chemical Manufacture, Fire Retardants, Licensing of Technology and Trademarks
Education: BA, Holbart & William South College; Master in Business Administration; Carey School of Business, Johns Hopkins University; JD, University of Baltimore
Greatest Professional Achievement: Inventing and patenting novel chemical compounds. Several years later, DuPont Research came up with the same discovery and subsequently entered into a license to use this patented technology for their telecommunications cable.
Greatest Personal Achievement: Marrying my wife and raising three outstanding children
Guiding Philosophy in Life: Give any challenge and opportunity your best effort and be guided by civility and an open mind, and sensitivity to the needs and wants of others.
Favorite Pastime Activities: Gardening, sailing, materials science, and travel.