10 Ways To Personally Engage with the American Revolution

  1. Read and discuss a primary Revolutionary War document or pamphlet such as the Declaration of Independence or Paine’s Common Sense, or a similarly historic newspaper account of the times.
  2. Write an article for a newspaper, letter to an editor, such as Drumbeat, or offer an article to a historic magazine, newsletter, booklet or journal.
  3. Join a friends of a Revolutionary War battlefield organization to preserve and protect the site.
  4. Take a friend or child on a planned visit to a battlefield, historic house, state building or Historical Society, and discuss the site and capture the opportunities to learn and appreciate.
  5. Learn of a gravesite of a Revolutionary War hero, clean the marker, and place a flag on/at the site on Memorial Day.
  6. Create an online presence or website about the Revolutionary War, the founding fathers and the foundational principles which they honored by words and deeds.
  7. Attend a criminal trial in your jurisdiction to better understand liberty and the importance of Rule of Law.
  8. Give a Revolutionary War book as a gift this year.
  9. Do primary research on a Revolutionary or Colonial person, place or event.
  10. Research and transcribe, then publish, a Revolutionary War patriot’s pension statement of his service and sacrifice.



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