General Society President’s Letter

The General Society Sons of the Revolution, is an active, patriotic community comprised of individual State and European Societies with nearly 5,000 worldwide members. Our members join together in patriotic service and projects of public education, preservation and conservation of the history of the individuals and actions that founded this nation we call The United States of America.

The General Society is dedicated to promoting throughout the United States and in Europe scholarly efforts, patriotic projects, and proper gratitude for the values of the Revolution of 1776. Our efforts seek to inform and inspire all people to the high calling of an informed citizenry and public service, which our ancestors entrusted to us.

The Sons of the Revolution accomplish this with a membership-wide commitment to honor the patriot heroes who signed the Declaration of Independence, joined with the Continental Army, volunteered in their state militias, and by such other acts of resistance to British control that would have accounted for treason had the Revolutionbeen unsuccessful. For freedom and liberty, our patriot ancestors resisted the financial and military intrusion of the British forces, King George III and Parliament, all of whom together sought to control the lives, businesses and property of those living in the Thirteen Colonies.

We welcome your interest in our unique patriotic, genealogical organization; and we invite you to learn more about our General Society, our independent State Societies and their respective patriotic works and fellowships. Any male person of good character and lineal descent from a soldier, sailor, or marine who fought in the Revolutionary War and remained loyal to the Patriot cause is eligible to join. Likewise, any male descendant of a signer of the Declaration of Independence, a member of the Continental Congress, or Congressional appointee, may join.

We take the high calling of our membership as a present-day, personal duty for education, preservation and conservation of our heritage, and we take that duty very seriously. The General Society assists and offers support tothe several State Societies in their outreach programs, and in such projects as erecting educational monuments and signage, and conserving artifacts to preserve the memory of our founding fathers, and their foundational principles of the Revolution. Our rich public programs are focused for support of ongoing correct education for citizens, new and established, young and old, without regard to political party or leanings.

Please consider joining with us through our federation of State Societies and joining that State Society that is in or nearest to your home state; please also feel free to visit our headquarters in Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia, browse our website, or check us out on Facebook. We are at work to protect our freedoms and to ensure the correct education of our Founders and to promote their values.

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