State Society: Pennsylvania
Year Joined: 1990
Previous SR Offices: General Registrar, partial term 1998-2000; General Registrar, full terms in 2000, 003, 2012, and 2015; Pennsylvania Registrar, 2002 to present
Occupation: Archivist, historian, and professional genealogist
Education: B.A., History, Randolph-Macon College (1974); M.A. History, Temple University (1998)
Greatest Professional Achievement: During my first term as General Registrar, compiling the first comprehensive accounting of all GSSR members since 1883.
Greatest Personal Achievement: My family, and accepting the trust of others to fill important positions in various genealogical, historical and lineage organizations.
Guiding Philosophy in Life: Always look at the bright side of life, as well as both sides of an argument.
Favorite Pastime Activity: singing, genealogy and bicycling.